Books to read

Ok, so you want to know some books to read.  Here are my favorites:

Mark Manson – Models

This book is absolutely the best book on PUA/seduction right now.  Basically, it’s about being honest with yourself and women.  The PUA community has moved away from “outer game” (i.e., routines, lines, openers, etc…) in the last few years and more towards “inner game” (becoming a more confident, well-rounded person).  I can’t recommend this book enough; you will immediately see an improvement in the way you feel about yourself and the way you interact with women.  Here’s the link:

The Way of the Superior Man –  David Deida

This is another book on “inner game,” and can help you cut through the underbrush and bullshit that our society has taught us about women and relationships.  This is considered a classic in the PUA community, and rightly so, even though it is a few years old.

Here is a .pdf of it on the internet:

And a link on

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

This book isn’t directed to PUA per se, but it is more a guide of how to get people to like you and how to influence them.  This is considered a classic and is a bible for many businesspeople.  For example, one of the lessons he teaches is that you should seek to make the other person feel important in all of your interactions.  This is just a good book for life, much less, PUA.

The Game – Neil Strauss

This book is less a “how-to” guide than an autobiographical memoir describing Neil Strauss’s journey into the PUA world (he is a writer at Rolling Stone, New York Times, etc…).  You don’t learn very many techniques here but I recommend it because it tells the story of some actual PUAs and what their lives are like.   It’s also just an interesting, enjoyable read. It also highlights the point that I think we can all agree about, which is that spending your life chasing random poon is not healthy or fulfiling – the point of these techniques is to find the woman of your dreams.

Rules of the Game – Neil Strauss

This book is the how-to version of the previous book.  Recommended just cuz the guy knows what he’s talking about.

Pimp – Iceberg Slim

Once again, not about PUA per se, but an interesting true-life autobiography of a guy that was a  pimp in the 1920s.  Gives an amazing view of how the dirty underbelly of the sex world and the type of things he had to do to keep his “pimp” status.

I’ll add more when I feel like it.


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