50% of the questions guys ask

A lot of guys ask basically the same thing: so I see this girl around a lot that I like, and we talk sometimes, and I don’t know what to do, etc…

The answer is this: Ask her out on a date! Just do it you fucking pussy. Ask her out right away too – don’t wait until you “know” her or until she’s “attracted.” She can get to know you on the date. And make sure you make it clear that you’re asking her out on a “date” so she doesn’t think it might be something else.

For some reason guys in our society have this fear of asking girls out on dates. They think its better to start hanging out with her, getting the girl “attracted” to them, and then making a move. That’s completely wrong. Sometimes girls are looking for a friend, sometimes they are looking for a guy to fuck. If you hold yourself out as a friend, and then you one day change into somebody that wants to fuck them you are a liar, a creep, and a shitty friend, because now the girl knows that all the nice shit you did for her wasn’t really nice, it was just for her pussy.

Here are the main reasons guys are afraid to ask girls out on dates:

1) I don’t want to look creepy, obsessive, overbearing, etc…

I think the main reason guys don’t ask girls out on dates right away is cuz they don’t want to look creepy/etc… But asking a girl out on a date isn’t creepy at all – the reason most guys sound creepy and overbearing when they come on to girls is because they are letting their dick do the talking so their body language/tone/demeanor gives it away that they just want to fuck and won’t take no for an answer, and that scares the shit out of girls. They also don’t know when to walk away when she says no. But if you confidently ask a girl out on a date with no fucks given, and then just walk away if she says no, there is no reason for them to think you are creepy/obsessive/etc…

Imagine you asked out the worst girl in the world – a true, complete bitch that just loved to stomp on men’s hearts. If you asked her on a date and she said no, what mean things could she say about you later to her friends? “He asked me on a date and I said no.” That’s it – and that doesn’t sound bad at all and she would even look like a bitch for trying to make fun of you for it. Usually when girls make fun of guys that came onto them, its because the guy said something stupid, or acted creepy, or tried to fuck them, etc…

2) I don’t want to look interested.

Asking a girl out on a date doesn’t mean that you’re interested – it means that you MIGHT be interested, which is exactly the vibe you want to give off. If you ask a girl out on a date very nonchalantly in a regular tone of voice like you were talking to a regular person the girl is going to want to assume that you like her, but part of her brain also has to admit that you are really just a confident guy that ask girls out on dates. Girls go out on dates with guys all the time they are not “ interested” in – to girls a date is just an interview for possible further interest. Girls reject guys all the time that act too “interested” but that’s only because the guy gave it away that he was “emotionally” interested in her (and therefore liable to act creepy and pathetic) – but if you can play it cool and just act normal she won’t feel like she has that power over you.

3) They are afraid of rejection

Sorry, but you’ll have to deal with it. Life is about rejection. Its better to get rejected early on than to invest a bunch of time into her and then get rejected.

Guys want to become “friends” because its harder to reject a “friend” – but its also a lot easier to treat a “friend” like shit than a lover. If a guy is just your “friend” you don’t have to hang out with him every time he calls, or even answer his calls, or worry about not fucking other people.

4) That’s not how it works in the movies.

First of all, everything you learn about dating and relationships from movies and TV is wrong. It’s totally horseshit and if you actually did that in real life you’d get friendzoned at best and arrested at worst.

In the movies, the guy meets the beautiful girl at the beginning and they hate each other at first (and the girl is usually dating somebody else), but then through a series of misadventures they get to know each other and then they start to “fall” for one another. Then when they are fully in love the guy confesses his love to the girl and she admits that she loves him too! Then they live happily ever after.

Ehhhh – wrong! If you did that shit in real life the girl would yell “what the fuck? I thought you were my friend” and leave you alone feeling like an idiot. In real life girls want you to ask them out the first day, not after months of misadventures.

5) The girl isn’t going to say yes unless we know each other somewhat.

This is true; attraction for girls is somewhat different than attraction for guys – they need to know that you are an intelligent person with a stable personality, shared interests, etc… But honestly that “get to know” period is very short… minutes. Prove to her you can put together a sentence, that you’re not a rapist, and then ask her out on a date. She also has to know from the moment you meet her that you are interested in her romantically. Girls can tell if they’re gonna fuck/date a guy from the 5 minutes they meet him.

6) It’ll make things “weird” between us

It is true that most times when guys ask girls out on dates shit gets weird between them. The reason is that most guys wait till they are already “friends” to ask the girl out so when your “friend” asks you on a date its fucking weird and now you can’t be friends anymore. Another reason shit gets weird is that the man waits till he is in “love” with her (i.e., has oneitis) so if she says no the guy starts to act angry and sad and can’t act normal around her anymore. But if you ask a girl on a date and then just walk off when she says no, there is nothing “weird” about it.

An interaction isn’t awkward unless you let it be awkward. After you get rejected, just be nice to her and treat her like a normal person. She didn’t want to date you. Fine, that’s her choice. No reason to get mad or sad. Be nice to her and all the weirdness disappears. In fact, if you act nice and normal to a girl who rejected you she is going to start thinking about you because of how rare it is. It’s going to boggle her mind because on one hand you’re acting uninterested but on the other hand you asked her out, which is usually a sign of interest. She may not have been interested in you before, but now she is.

7) She doesn’t “date”

I’ve seen so many bullshit excuses for not asking girls out on a date. If a girl says she doesn’t “date” she really means “I don’t date you.” If you express interest in hanging and she doesn’t “date” she’ll offer up something else, or else she’s not interested in you.

One guy here even said that people in college don’t “date.” Fuck that. If people around you aren’t dating be the guy with the balls to ask people out on dates. You will stand out and people will respect you. Even if people don’t go out on dates at least you are expressing your interest which is more that can be said for most people.

What if a girl says she doesn’t “date”? Well I would walk away in disgust. Fuck that. It’s 2013 – how else is she going to meet a guy

8) “But I see people all the time that started fucking after just ‘hanging out’”

Yes it is true that you can become a girl’s “friend” or “just hang out” and then start fucking her. Completely possible. But the only reason for that is that most guys are chumps and don’t know shit about game so the girl is forced to fuck one of these chumps. The one guy who has the balls to ask her on a date is on another level. Also, why do you want to roll the dice and hope that you’re one of these guys?

There are a lot of hot girls that are constantly getting approached and asked out by guys. They also know that all their guy friends are interested in them. Also, they aren’t interested in any of these guys because they all check their alphaness at the door when talking to her. So, to minimize the hassle of dating, these girls just start fucking the closest guy they see to them, sometimes at random. Do you want to be that guy? Do you want to roll the dice and hope that all of your friendshipping is going to lead somewhere?

9) I need to get to know “her” and I don’t want to hurt her if I don’t like her.

I actually saw a guy on askseddit post this yesterday. Give me a fucking break. If you want to get to know a girl, what better way than going on a DATE??? You have her all alone and can ask her whatever questions you want. Also, don’t worry about hurting her – that’s part of dating. People get rejected all the time.

BTW, if you’re wondering what the answer is to the other 50% of the questions guys ask, its “she’s not interested in you, move on.” LOL

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